Tuesday, June 19, 2012

1 to 1 Schools: A Mini-Series From A Math Teacher's Perspective

Our district (Grundy Center) has been 1 to 1 in the high school for two years, and one year in the middle school. People have varying viewpoints with how this plays out in the schools, whether they have experienced 1 to 1 or not. Some educators are concerned/interested from a curricular standpoint, while others worry about behavioral or logistical aspects. I have been a presenter at a few 1 to 1 conferences (Iowa 1:1 Institute and the AEA 267 Regional 1:1 Conference), and will share my thoughts on this phenomenon.

As part of an upcoming series, I will be posting about the following topics in the coming weeks.

*Worries about 1 to 1 that never came to fruition

*What I would have done differently

*Tips to begin the school year

*1 to 1 in a mathematics classroom

*Laptop or Tablet? What device is most effective?

*Questions and thoughts of my readers answered by @Doctor_Math

If there is anything you are particularly interested in knowing about that could fit into one of these sections, or stand alone, please include your ideas in the comments section and I will include those suggestions in upcoming posts.

Clayton M. Edwards
Middle School Math
Grundy Center Middle School
MA Middle Level Mathematics
Ed. D. Curriculum and Instruction (current)


  1. These look interesting.

    I would like to hear your ideas on what a teacher needs to learn in college to prepare him/her for working in such a learning environment. Help us professors out.

    What are the needs of the millennial students that you teach?

    You will get more traffic if you have titles that say things like "7 things I know now that I would have done differently in regards to 1 to 1"

    I look forward to your postings.


  2. I appreciate your comments Dr. Z. I will add your ideas to a final post about my reader's ideas. I was barely prepared for teaching coming out of college, let alone in a 1 to 1 environment. My students surely have different needs than when I was in middle school. I will talk about that as well. Thanks again!